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Portrait photo of Aaron Atkins

Aaron Atkins


Our Director of Counselling

Aaron Atkins was born in a small rural town of Trail BC. He has called BC home most of his life. Presently residing on the west coast, Vancouver Island. Through his life experiences and career paths Aaron has found himself helping and assisting others through difficult times. Whether it was addictions, loss of life, depressions or general mental health issues Aaron found himself to be there for those in need to guide them and walk the journey alongside. Having lost many people due to mental health Aaron has a passion to give those a safe place to sit and work with them to get clarity in the clients’ difficult time. Through prior career paths through DND, CCGS, CFD, Trades, and current Film Industry Aaron has seen firsthand the dramatic trauma impacts work and personal life can have on individuals resulting in the mental health issue we see present day. Encouraged and driven to get the education base to help friends and coworkers Aaron sought out training and schooling through a variety of Institutions such as Rhodes Wellness College, SFU and Kwantlen Community College. Through over a decade of school and training Aaron has a profound customized approach to address a variety of dilemmas and scenarios. Aaron works with clients through a complete process of addressing overall wellness. He is a firm believer that through fitness, nutrition, and learning about your inner self the journey to clarity and the ability to manage life issues can be achieved easier.


  • BA Kinesiology – SFU
  • Certified Personal Trainer – ISSA
  • Certified Nutritionist – ISSA
  • Certified Specialist in Conditioning – ISSA
  • BA Counselling – SFU & Rhodes Wellness College
  • BA Life and Business Coach – Rhodes Wellness College
  • Certified OFA Instructor – WCB
  • ICF Certified and Accredited Coach & Counsellor – ICF International
  • BA Life coach and Counselling
  • ISSA/NASM fitness & Nutrition & strength conditioning specialist
  • Services:

    • Life Coach
    • Counselling
    • Fitness
    • Nutrition


  • Dispatching and organizing councilors and MHRs
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