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Our Services

On-Site Mental Health Responders

PH&S Assessments & Action Plan Implementation

Counselling Services & Peer Support Training

Employee Engagement Event Coordination

Athletic Therapist Assessments and Personalized Self-Management Practices

Land-based Healing

Leadership Training

Indigenous and Remote Community Support

Virtual Counselling and Wellness Support Services

Crisis and Suicide Interventions

Wellness & Return to Work Programs Facilitated by Certified Athletic Therapists

Addictions & Recovery Services

Access to Nutritional Advice and Planning

Wilderness Therapy and Education

Corporate Consulting

Our App

About our App

The DHHS App allows employees to access the following information
A license agreement for the App is included for all onsite services, and the information available will be specific to that site and that company.
  • On-site Schedule for Recovery Groups, Wellness Events, and more
  • Connection to dispatch Mental Health Responder on site
  • Data collection on how onsite services are perceived
  • Mindfulness/ Meditation
  • Nutrition Tracking
  • Sleep Tracking
  • Fitness classes and Exercise Routines
  • Access to third-party online Doctors for prescription and other needs
  • Smoking Cessation Programs
  • Indigenous Content for Wellness Support
  • Connect with other users for support
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