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Leave no stone unturned, no person behind, and no community without.

Value Statement

At DHHS, we believe that the health of the individual is deeply connected to the health of the community around them.

Our team is built around our core belief that wellness comes from balancing the body, mind, and soul. Our team of certified mental health specialists works in unison with our team of certified athletic therapists, personal trainers, and nutritionists to help you and your workers find and practice that balance. We utilize the teachings of the elders and those of the indigenous communities around us to inspire, grow and heal. We are all stronger together and we strive to create work life harmony for your workers and your community.

We are

Mental Health Specialists

Our team includes professional mental health specialists and practicing counselors who are experienced in various types of therapeutic interventions, including CBT, addiction interventions, and suicide prevention. Our team is well-versed in the unique issues faced by construction workers, remote workers, and indigenous communities. We understand how work-related stress can impact your employee's mental health and we are here to help.

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Wellness Specialists

Our physical health plays a big part in our quality of life. Our wellness team is made up of certified athletic therapists, personal trainers, and nutritionists. They are here to help you and your employees form a custom routine or plan to fit your unique working circumstances, schedule, interests, and needs. We focus on education and self-management practices. We also facilitate wellness programs associated with physical health, return-to-work programs, and prevention strategies for potential and existing injuries.

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Psychological Health and Safety Advisors

Our team includes CSA-certified Psychological Health and Safety Advisors specializing in implementing The Canadian Standards designed to help organizations improve productivity, financial performance, risk management, organizational recruitment, and employee retention through the enhancement of the psychological health and safety of your organization.

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Our company is Indigenous-owned, and we are woman-owned and operated. Our team has a variety of professional and cultural backgrounds that create a unique and collaborative approach to wellness. We strive to foster belonging and empowerment at work and are committed to cultivating and preserving cultural inclusion and connectedness. 

We encourage our team to find their own work-life harmony and be active members in their communities and the communities we serve.

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